• Nursing Home Initiative to Right America’s Injustices
    March 22nd - 5:58pm
  • Call: Paycheck Fairness Act
    March 14th - 6:14pm
  • International Women’s Day
    March 10th - 7:34pm
  • 2023 Women Labor Leaders
    March 7th - 3:38pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Desirae Beatty
    February 28th - 3:00pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: E. Faye Butler
    February 27th - 3:00pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Dewanda Mitchell
    February 26th - 3:01pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Derrick McDonald II
    February 25th - 3:01pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Linda Hunt
    February 24th - 3:15pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Clint Brown
    February 24th - 3:01pm

Organizing: Health Insurance

Health care is one of the highest concerns of workers. The cost of health care keeps getting more expensive every month. How can any worker concentrate on their jobs if they are worrying about how they are going to pay for health care for themselves or their dependents? IBEW Local 7 negotiates health care for our members and their families. A few open shop contractors are providing health insurance for their employees, but often they charge extra for their families to be covered. IBEW Local 7 members receive family health care with no paycheck deduction. IBEW Local 7 has a healthcare plan that allows our members to provide, for themselves and their families, health coverage with no payroll deduction.