• Nursing Home Initiative to Right America’s Injustices
    March 22nd - 5:58pm
  • Call: Paycheck Fairness Act
    March 14th - 6:14pm
  • International Women’s Day
    March 10th - 7:34pm
  • 2023 Women Labor Leaders
    March 7th - 3:38pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Desirae Beatty
    February 28th - 3:00pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: E. Faye Butler
    February 27th - 3:00pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Dewanda Mitchell
    February 26th - 3:01pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Derrick McDonald II
    February 25th - 3:01pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Linda Hunt
    February 24th - 3:15pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Clint Brown
    February 24th - 3:01pm

Organizing: Local 7 Pension

Every working person deserves to have a secure, guaranteed income when they choose to retire. You may have a 401(k) retirement plan, that you have to take money out of your paycheck to fund. The difference between an IBEW Local 7 pension, which is a defined benefit plan, and a 401(k) is how much in benefits you receive. A 401(k) is an account balance when it is depleted that is all that you will receive. With an IBEW Local 7 pension plan you have a number of options including a lump sum payment, monthly pension payment or a combination of both. This is another Benefit for Members of IBEW Local 7.